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BAF Valves BV
BAF Valves B.V.
About BAF
BAF VALVES BV was established in 1972 and is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe producing standard and non-standard butterfly valves, valve spare parts and valve accessories.  Our products can be supplied fully custom made to your requirements or just in accordance to international design standards.  BAF butterfly valves are exported throughout the world for all kinds of piping applications such as On- and Offshore, Refineries, (Petrol) Chemical Industries, Power Plants, Waterworks, Ships, etc.  In case required, we can submit our valve reference list accordingly. It is our aim to be your ‘best’ partner in solving valve problems.
BAF VALVES BV manufactures valve sizes up to DN2500/100” to any design standard or flange alignment such as DIN / ANSI / BS / JIS / AWWA, etc.  Pressure ratings up till PN25. * (larger size/rates available upon request). Furthermore, we have our own design department, machine-shop and test- and repair facilities, which includes the reconditioning and/or modification of any type or brand of butterfly valves.  BAF B.V. is also your partner for the world wide supply of valve spare parts or engineering services at job sites, when required.  All our butterfly valves, accessories and relevant products are manufactured fully in accordance to our certified Quality Assurance System ISO9001:2008/LRQA certificate nr. 650834. 
BAF Valves B.V. BAF Valves B.V. BAF Valves B.V.